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Mercado Eco Aldea Gaia-Santo Domingo

Mercado Eco Aldea Gaia-Santo Domingo

Produccion/Consumo Responsable

Hace cerca de 15 años manejamos en Santo Domingo un mercado de vegetales organicos. Un sistema de venta por pedido semanal (via telefonica/E-mail) ha sido implementado; Esto "garantiza" la venta de casi todo lo cosechado. En ese tiempo hemos podido contactar/conocer a muchos pequeños agricultores organicos, ahora al asumir la custodia de un predio con posibilidades de riego, comenzamos a producir parte de los vegetales que ofertamos. Una relacion de confianza se ha construido, relacion que intenta promover la idea de que "Nadie tiene siempre la razon" Todos deberiamos ser responsables.

Verxilans aquí y ahora

Verxilans aquí y ahora

Un punto de encuentro en el mapa

El lugar donde reencontrarnos y ser lo que somos, mientras realizamos las variadas y humildes tareas campestres que nos proporcionan un cierto grado de soberania de recursos.
Para personas que hemos elegido dejar en un segundo o tercer plano el mundo de las apariencias y que necesitamos poco y cada vez menos de este sistema.

Taller de Bioconstrucción.

Taller de Bioconstrucción.

Construcción con paja y estructura de madera Agosto, Ávila.

Taller de biocontruccion con balas de paja , con carpintería y estructura de madera.
del 11 al 16 de agosto de 2015, ecoaldea "el Valle Despierta", Ávila.

Arquitectura Bioclimática

Arquitectura Bioclimática


Técnico Maestro Mayor de Obras realiza los planos necesarios para concretar tu obra.

Resolvemos arquitectónicamente tu proyecto, generando los planos con plantas, cortes, vistas y detalles profesionalmente.

También podemos realizar el cómputo de materiales y estimar un costo total de la obra y la planificación de la ejecución.

Su consulta no molesta. Gracias

Juan Pablo Puertas
54 266 4749396

Recent News and Projects

  • RE-Connecting to Nature from the 19th of February-5th of March

    Deepen our connection with nature through our head, heart, hands and spirit.

    Join us for this two weeks contemplative learning where we will learn together What is Deep Ecology as a...

  • Holistic community learning from June 4th 2017 – October 1st...

    Are you a Permaculturalist? Ecovillage Designer? Deep Ecologist? Builder? Gardener? Natural product maker? Healer? Herbalist? Nutritionist? Shaman? Dancer? Artist? Yogi & Yogini?


  • The Pioneers of Gaia Ashram - July 2nd until July the 30th

    The Gaia Ashram Internship is a one month program on Ecovillage Design, Permaculture and Deep Ecology. The internship will be a holistic participatory learning experience & process.


  • RE-Connecting to Nature from the 19th of February-5th of March
    Tailandia, Asia, Asia

    Deepen our connection with nature through our head, heart, hands and spirit.

    Join us at Gaia Ashram in the North-East of Thailand for this two weeks contemplative learning where we will...

  • Green life-style
    Sri Lanka

    Step 01.

    Building the "Green School"

    The land to build the school is already being identified and the method of the building using more environment friendly materials such as "Clay...

  • Green life-style
    Sri Lanka

    It is not only farming. And not only educating. As well as not only exchange. It is combination of farming, education and exchange about ideas, environment friendly concepts and educating about...

  • Recreating paradise on Earth

    Welcome to Terramana, a non-profit eco-spiritual project aiming to recreate Paradise on Earth.

    The project is taking place in Sumatra, Indonesia, on more than 5 hectares of an indigenous...

  • An update on the Sunshine Ecovillage Network

    The partnership and friendship between GEN and the Sunshine Ecovillage Network (SEN), in China has been growing in the past year, since the first Ecovillage Forum organised by SEN took place...

  • Life Extension Village

    What is a "Life Extension Village"?

    This is a short history of how the idea for “Life Extension Villages” came about and how I would like them to develop. This is my dream, I guess, of how...

  • Ecological & Educational Farm

    “Hava and Adam” is an eco-educational farm located on the outskirts of Modiin. It is a holistic center for growth, which focuses on self-enhancement and the interactions between man and his...