Center for Experimental Cultural and Social Design

ZEGG intentional community hosts about 100 people. We focus on the ecological and social aspects of living together in a future-orientated way. Sustainable development is only possible if it touches and embraces a variety of life areas. ZEGG especially promotes personal development and cultivates a way of heart- and mindful communication. As a community we stand for following our own truth in love, relationships and sexuality. ZEGG changed in its 20 years of existence and has been on the move from a rather homogenous pioneer community to the pluralistic and manifold resident group of today.

Learning from community
ZEGG-Community passes the knowledge and experience gained on to its guests and visitors. We have been doing this successfully for years in trainings, seminars and festivals. The combination of community life and educational center creates an inspiring combination of life and learning. Guests particularly appreciate the experience of warmth and tangibility, open communication and self-responsibility.
The seminar business is the economic base of the community. All profits flow into development of the site and the buildings. Furthermore we are supported by a large network of friends and benefactors. All donations are welcome to help keeping our experiment alive.
Many ZEGG-residents work in the training center. Some are busy in the kitchen or garden; while others lead seminars, work in the administration or on the premises. The community contributes to the festivals through volunteer work. The organization and decision-making of ZEGG GmbH is inspired by a holacratic model.

Sustainable life
Environmental issues have moved ZEGG since its beginnings. In recent years, we have implemented a regional and CO²-neutral energy supply for electricity and heat. We extract our own drinking water and clean our wastewater in an ecological plant-based sewage system. In our large ZEGG garden fruits and vegetables are grown organically. The kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan food for guests and residents. The foodstuff used comes from the garden, the region or from fair- and ecological trade. Inspired by permacultural ideas we have created a manifold flora and fauna and edible landscape on the grounds.


ZEGG Summer Camp

ClanCulture2015 – Experiment Love-A-Live

July 22 - August 2

The desire to experience a lively, loving connection with others leads many people to live in community. So ‘clan’ here is a symbol of the family we choose for ourselves and the idea that unique individuals can join together to form one lively, living organism.In order to see what that can look like in practice, this year’s Summer Camp is dedicated to the following research questions:

Whitsun festival

Feelings as Powers

May 22 - 27

What do you know about your feelings? Where do they come from and what are they there for?

“Most people are not in the least aware of the fact that they create their feelings themselves. For them, feelings are involuntary, irrational surges of sensation which originate somewhere mysterious, deep in their subconscious. In fact, a feeling arises from an interaction between thought and environment.”

Quote from the book “Feelings, How to Use Them Intelligently”, Vivian Dittmar.