Vertigo Eco Art Village


VERTIGO Eco Art Village is a center for art and ecology located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel's rural Ellah Valley. At its heart is the Vertigo Dance Company, which founded the Village in order to foster artistic creation engaged with the environment. Other artists – visual artists and writers, experts in permaculture, builders and artists whose medium is earth – joined and co-visioned the project in its early stages, and continue to develop the project in partnership with Vertigo.
THE VERTIGO DANCE COMPANY rehearses and performs at the center. In addition, the center offers workshops and classes in the fields of art and practical ecology, and serves as a performance space and collaborative venue for artists working in various media. As part of its environmental focus the Village develops and disseminates information on green technologies such as water conservation systems and sustainable energy sources. The Village aims to inspire socially conscious, creative sustainable living, and to connect participants from all walks of life, in Israel and abroad, to themselves, their creativity and the environment