You can find my full presentation after. Before that, I just want to say that, with my wife, we would like to travel to meet vegan and vegetarian communities in Europe and in the world. We want to spend time working in exchange for food and accommodation. Our project will start at the end of 2014. If you can accommodate us thank you for contacting me. E-mail: [email protected] LinkdIn: / in / thierryblancheton Facebook: PS : we speak English just a little... Who am I? Where am I? What do I do? Who am I? Where am I? What do I do? These existential questions have been arisen not once. This is because-I wonder, whenever I accept a new friend here and I click on his profile, "Who is he, where is he and what is he doing?" , all what I want is to give you an answer about myself. Who am I? First and foremost, I am a "végétaliste"- neologism, that I created to define a person who promotes and initiates its environment as Vegan lifestyle. The Veganism is a vegan diet, no animal food, and the maximum exclusion of the use of any product or practice resulting from the exploitation, suffering or killing of an animal (leather, wool products tested, practical equestrian etc.). It is a lifestyle advocating "a healthy mind in a healthy body" away from all the clichés and under the vegetarian rickets. Why I advocated a vegan lifestyle? For justice. Being Vegan is to be: - More fair to yourself, respecting your body; better food for health. - More fair to your fellows by a lifestyle that leads to better balance and a better distribution of food resources of the planet. Being Vegan is an act against poverty, hunger, bad nutrition. "Vegetarianism, by its purely physical human nature, makes a very beneficial affect at the destiny of mankind." Albert Einstein - More fair to the planet. Food consumption by requesting an agricultural land is more important than a diet based on meat. Vegan eating uses less arable land, less water, less energy, less resources; this is the first concrete step, which produces instant results on our environment, that any ecologist should adopt. - More fair to the animals. "I rejected meat from my early childhood, and the time will come when people will consider murdering of animals as now they consider murdering of the other people." Leonardo da Vinci "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi Where will I be? I'm on the path to the destination of my dreams. The last step resulting in a need for social existence goes through a long career of more than fifteen years has shown me the importance of the meaning, what we give to life. The current step since 2010 led me to a new dream in Bali. "Where will I be?" Is to determine a direction and agree not to know in advance all the means and paths, taken to reach the destination. "Where will I be" I demand specially to pay an attention to the lessons, needed to climb the mountains, to cross the rivers, winding down the slopes, clearing the road, to climb over the obstacles, to keep strength and confidence, to be strong seeing the face of a danger, to run, to enjoy , to appreciate, to give and to receive, to deliver with conviction and humility an example of course, that seems fair, consistent and reproducible by others. So before hitting the road, its better to check its compaction and to do this through coaching values, that I personally founded as the best facilities before starting any enterprise! "What am I doing?" I do not think that freedom can overcome a minimum of rules and discipline. In short, I hate the mess, so I have to issue a guideline, derived from the rules of coaching and from spiritual principles that I have tried to apply to be the closest to "a healthy body in a healthy mind." In terms of discipline, if this is not your case, I encourage you to become a vegan for this reason. If you think this is impossible, but you decide to be a vegan, I can assure you that you will be able to achieve many other things! Some examples from coaching: - I say what I do, I do what I say - I learn from every situation - I banished the tranquility of my life - I try to be calm and confident in the uncertainty and difficulties - I manage my budget by giving meaning to money - I use the money as a stream that I grow to realize my projects - I respect my values - I get up early and I do not sleep late to live effectively filled days - I practice daily physical activity (cycling, jogging, track, etc) - I set up challenges for myself Some rules extracted from different spiritual philosophies: I 'm trying to: - Always have a word "perfect" (without detraction to myself and to others) - Do not react personally - Not to make any assumptions - Always do my best - Be skeptical, but learn to listen to consider: - Whoever I meet the right person - No matter what happened because it is the only thing that could happen - Every moment is the right moment - What is finished is finished - You must love your whole being - You have to be good with yourself and decide to be happy every day - There is no chance