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Robin Wood

We are a little team of 7 people enjoying living together in a brotherly spirit. We always maintain a minimum of two living spaces in parallel (a main one where we live together and one or two additional one(s) where those who feel like can take some holidays from time to time). At present some of us are reintegrating our flat in Berlin; until mid-September we still have a home in Barcelona that we will replace by an new place in the countryside in October. For our coming back to Berlin we have decided to invite new people. As we don't want a leader we created a list of agreements so that they stay as reference for a life together, our leitmotiv will be: no boss but no chaos. That's why we have agreements in a democratic way of living. As long as you agree with our references and our Robin Wood agreements... Be welcome with us whenever you want! you can visit our website for more information: you can contact us at: [email protected]