Logan Gregory

Logan Gregory

I am the founder of Coming Home Community- A Community of Love, Sustainability and Hope.. We have a vision to have a community based on Love. It will be an all natural community raising livestock chemical free and tending to crops chemical and GMO free. The community will completely sustain itself as well as helping the surrounding communities with the unfortunate. There are plans to have a soup kitchen of sorts to help feed the hungry and support programs for the abused. We have a vision and are vigorously chasing after it. Please visit our website for more information at http://www.cominghomecommunity.org/


Coming Home Community

A Community of Love, Sustainability and Hope..

Coming Home Community is a community where love is our goal and aspiration. We live by the natural law. There are no people appointed over you as everyone here is equal. People are not criticized or frowned upon to express themselves and ask questions. During church services, where all will be welcome to join in, everyone can participate to build a personal relationship with God; you are encouraged to share your insight and what is on your heart. The community will have a completely organic farm and will be self-sustainable.