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I'm the administrator of the English website of New Oasis For Life. New Oasis for Life is an intentional community established in Yunnan, China since May 2009. From May 2009 to April 2014, we have built three branches scattered in Yunnan with 150 permanent residents including 16 elders and 14 children. We have a profound theory system over 10 million words(in Chinese) written by the founder and guide Xuefeng during the past 10 years. The core content of this system can be stated as 800 Values for New Era Human Beings. All members in the community agree with and follow 800 Values as the principles in their community life. The core principle of 800 values is to Revere the Greatest Creator, Revere nature, and Revere Life. We have also created a new life mode which is very different with traditional lifestyles during the five years. It has been proved workable and run well in reality, which can bring a sustainable harmony among people, nature and society, and bring everyone a happy, joyful, free and blessed life. From 2011 to 2013, visitors from 15 countries have come and investigated, experienced this new mode, and most of them liked it very much and praised a lot on the community building and new civilized culture. But we also encountered big crisis recently. From Nov 2013 to Feb 2014, the local government authorities of Yunnan came and required us to disband. They claimed that the new lifestyle and values of the community are regarded as a potential threat to society safety and stability in China since it is difficult to be understood and accepted by both the government and general public. They also acclaimed that we will not have any compensation from the disbandment although we have built very beautiful environment on wild lands and many new houses, planted thousands of trees and dozens of flowers, the whole properties are worth over 12 million Rmb. They also tries all kinds of methods to push us leave as early as possible during the whole event. Because of the huge consistent pressure from local authorities, the community decided to give up these three branches and left Yunnan after Chinese Spring Festival(Feb 2014). The past half year was the most difficult time of the community. We do not want to give up our ideal, so we strive for finding new homes for all members. We spent about three months to find new settlements and on April 1, 2014, all members have withdrawn from Yunnan completely. At the same time we found three settlements as our new homes. Two of them are located in the westernmost China, one is in the east China. We are now on the restore of community, but the faith and confidence in most members' hearts need not to be restored. Although the basic conditions are quite challenging, all members get through the most difficult period and kept an optimistic and positive attitude. They still have cheering spirits and happy mood to build our new homes every day! This benefit from our four year's building on “soul garden”. We believe as long as we have the pure faith in heart, and work diligently, follow the way of the Greatest Creator and nature, we can create an oasis for life in the desert!We also believe the government and authorities will finally understand that our existence is not a threat to society, but represent the progress of human civilization and society development. To see the whole story of the forced disbandment event, please check: [Video] Chinese Largest Ecovillages Forced To Close by The Yunnan Authorities The Full Story of the Second Home Event(Updating) To see the reports and photos of our three new homes, please check: New Settlements of the Second Home (March 2014—)


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New Oasis for Life

The Second Home of Lifechanyuan

Our community was established in 2009 in Yunnan, China by a group of people who held common universal values and the vision of creating a new life mode for human beings to sustain themselves on earth.