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Eliana Virtuoso e Giuseppe Giangreco

Description We were born in the north of Italy, then we moved to the center of Italy for two years and now we are travelling the world since April 2015. We are searching for some life experiences and people interested in teaching us alternative ways to live. We are not travelling for holidays. Let's say it's a kind of training: we want to learn as much new skills as possible, know as best as we can local cultures and lifestyles, and be part of the sharing economy, philosophy in which we strongly believe. We are collecting all our stories and experiences on our personal website: WWW.LEAVINGTHEOLDWAY.COM. ELIANA'S SKILLS Writer, photographer, event manager social media specialist, teacher, housekeeper, cat sitter, graphic designer, painting GIUSE'S SKILLS General mantainance, gardening, animal care, cooking, soccer and rugby teacher. We both love to cook, to take care of the animals and to stay with other people...and we want to learn other skills! During our journey, we have helped in the veggie garden, collecting eggs and taking care of the chickens, selling products at the farmers market, and also in general maintenance and communication (logo design, photography, market analysis, web assistance). Languages spoken English, Italian (mothertongue), French, Spanish (a little) and a bit of hindi!