Hiroko Katayama

Background and visions

Looking forward

A project to life: 
I'm involved in an established project
Regions which interest me: 
East Asia


I would like to collaborate in: 
Educational project
Ecovillage support project
Transition project
Communal neighbourhood garden


Family situation: 
I'm going to take with me: 
my partner
my mother

Professional situation

Producer and organizer of educational programe
Actual work situation: 


My actual economy: 
I have a secure income
New life economy: 
I have a coherent economic concept for a communal project
I aim to live without money.

My projects

Hiroko Katayama

I was born and grew up in Hiroshima city and my mother is a victim of the atomic bomb. I have concentrated on the study for practical development of sustainable human relationship and the social systems, which has no conflict or opposition, where everyone can live comfortably and happily. Representative of Gen-Japan from 2014 Nov. A member of As-One community in Suzuka-city, JAPAN. A plan-designer and facilitator of educational program for community development; "The College for Sustainable Community Building" (2014~ A member of Environmental Council of Suzuka city(2012) Founder member of Kyoto Institute for Sustainable Social Systems;KIESS (2000--) Bachelor of Education (Hirioshima University) Study for Communication and community building:(Study course of Waseda University graduated school) Theses: JFM in India ( traditional forest management of India, 2002 KIESS Report ) Self-Help-Management of India's special micro-credit, KIESS Report 2003 Essays:What is "to be scientific"? "Neem trees and women" Professor Shidei Tsunahide and Forest Eco-system (New Wind) Translation: Neem A tree for solving global problems (Ryokuhuu Shuppan 2005 National Reserch Council US)