Ecodorp Waterdunen Zeeland

Simone van Ham

My name is Simone van Ham, 50 years young, I'm happily married (no kids) with Jacques. I want to make a wish come true: to live with people of all ages who truly ecological, sustainable, care and attention to live for each other. Development of their unique qualities, trust, equality, commitment, harmony and connection are key. My ideal is to build 8 off-grid houses on an Ecovillage near the sea in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. On this parcel we'll build a creperie/art-shop where people are put to work with a disability under professional supervision. The space also serves as an educational center in the field of sustainable, ecological, organic living and self-sufficient, meditationspot, back-to-nature mini camping. In addition, the initiative will contribute to the wider area by organizing several social and educational facilities. With the construction of the Ecovillage, we see opportunities in boosting the economy and tourism and improving the environmental qualities such as nature, landscape and living and recreation area. This unique sustainable initiative which will have a positive elaboration on the image and glamor in this region.