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Ecovillage in China

The Current Situation of the Second Home of Lifechanyuan

Last year, GEN started a campaign to protect the largest ecovillage in China, Lifechanyuan. But the authorities were stronger still. On April 1st 2014, the last two Chanyuan celestials withdrew from Yunnan, which means that the three branches of the Second Home of Lifechanyuan located in Anning, Chuxiong, and Lincang city have ended their development. The new place of the ecovillage is in the Gobi desert, 5000 km from their original location. With immense courage they start to apply permaculture principles to green the sandy, dusty desert. Xuefeng, the founder, reports.

Permacuture/natural farming experts

Restoration of degraded land


Cordial Invitation to Permaculture and Natural Farming Experts

Food Sovereignty of Konohana Family

Japan: “Before cultivating a field, cultivate your spirit”

Japanese people believe that the land is a gift from the Ancestors. This is why they do not want to sell it. Therefore, local elders often ask the Konohana Family to manage their land. As a result, more than 95% of the land that Konohana Family uses is free, and sometimes the ecovillage gets paid to cultivate the land because the government will charge owners a higher tax if it is not used for cultivation. "The financial crisis happened, but it did not affect us at all since we produce most of our food by ourselves", reports Michiyo Furuhashi.