30 years
I speak: 

Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Small rural community
Big scale ecovillage
A project to life: 
I would like to start a new project as a group.
I'm involved in an established project
Regions which interest me: 
I'm willing to leave my actual life in: 
November, 2014


I'm happy to be contacted by other users.
Please give me recommendations about finding my path.
I'm interested to be integrated into a 'start-up aid' program.
I'm willing to give an economic contribution if I get the chance to be part of a guided 'start-up aid' program.
Looking for theese experiences: 
work camp
being involved periodically in a project as a "second life" while continuing my regular "first life"
I would like to collaborate in: 
Any likeminded organisation
Educational project
Ecovillage support project
Transition project
Communal neighbourhood garden
Organic food cooperative


Family situation: 
in a relationship

Professional situation

Director of Creative Collectives Australia (+ events co-ordinator for the School of Self Sufficiency)
Actual work situation: 


My actual economy: 
I have an insecure income
New life economy: 
I have a business which can also create an income for more people
If there isn't so much money available I can adapt.
I like to do things properly by investing in good materials, good tools.

My projects


Communal living: 
Living in nature: 
IT work: 

Kate Marsh

Hello, My name's Kate and I am the founder of Creative Collectives Australia. We are all about connecting people for community living and creative collaborations and offering workshops in self-sufficiency that make sustainability fun. I attended the Ecovillage Training Course at the Findhorn Foundation in 2009 and have since been establishing community living environments in Australia. This started with an underground urban community in a warehouse in Melbourne. That was very exciting and creative but was missing the nature element. We've now made a 'tree change' and established a community on a small hobby farm just 50 mins from the city. This is now the head quarters of Creative Collective Australia our new initiative to help the growth of community living and self-sufficiency. I am a designer, homesteader, events organiser and community inspirer. I love to create spaces that inspire people to work together, explore new ideas and have a whole bunch of fun in the process.


David Holmgren Workshop 2014

An intimate half-day session with Permaculture co-founder David Holmgern


Creative Collectives and New Earth Systems for life are very proud to present this special event:

This will be a chance to get up-close and personal and gain an in-depth insight into the the issues David Holmgren is most passionate about. During his presentations he will uncover new perspectives to keep permaculture activists ahead of the game.

School of Self-Sufficiency

May Workshop Weekend

May 29 - 31

The School of Self-Sufficiency (May Workshop Weekend)

Communal Camp-out, Learn new skills and get amongst nature for the weekend.

Craft, Design and Community Living

School of Self-Sufficiency Workshop Weekend

April 24 - 27

This month were celebrating the art of having fun and taking hobby’s to the next level. An important part of Self-Sufficiency is CRAFT; making the things you want or need on your own, for home use, to sell at markets for extra money or to barter for other goods.


Date: 25th – 28th April (All workshops held on Sat-Sun, Friday and Monday are optional for people who want to come and relax on the property, set-up camp early etc.)

Facilitator: Kate Marsh, founder of Creative Collectives

School of self-sufficiency

Workshop Weekend February - March

February 27 - March 2

Communal Camp-out, Learn new skills and get amongst nature for the weekend.

Creative Collectives Australia

School of Self-Sufficiency and Community Living

Australia’s Self-Sufficiency and Community Living Network.

Connecting people for a fun sustainable future.

We are all about Collective Culture and focus on making sustainability fun through workshops, networks and creative collaborations.

Our resources and events are designed to make a sustainable impact through collective activity – life is hard and boring if you’re doing it all on your own, so I say “let’s all team up and have fun”.