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Carly Gayle

I grew up in Maryland, USA, moved to Bali right after university, and have lived here for 3 years and counting. Most of that time I was working for a local company contracted to build the infrastructure and management systems for an intentional community. Meanwhile, I kept busy learning and experiencing the true ecovillage of Bali - the consciousness that lives in the hearts and minds of so many thousands of people here, who are quietly working together across the spectrum of wholeness to build new-old awareness of the beauty of the connections we hold to each other and this earth. So happy to have joined the Emergence Convergence in Palawan, happy to be here in Asia in collaboration with y'all lovely people, happy to be in this world at this time. Strategic planning (with a light touch!) is a passion and strength of mine. Flowcharts, mandalas, visualization, bring it on! Also love doodling around in the garden, playing with my cats, faking Texas accents, singing loudly and off-key to Jesus Christ Superstar with my dad, dancing around the kitchen with my mom, and cherishing opportunities to hold space for and with friends.