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I am looking for individuals who have the passion to develop an eco-village and are willing to live in a rural community. If you have knowledge in Permaculture and can share the knowledge to the villagers in order to improve their lives, it's an advantage. All I can offer is free lodging and local foods. Please check the village photos on my website I have just built a prototype of a village stay called "Bara Villagestay" in one of the Philippines most remote villages in Masbate town. The concept of the villagestay is to develop a self-sustainable environment and raise awareness to people in the village the importance of preserving nature. I would also like to develop eco-tourism in the village and somehow help provide job to the village people. The lack of awareness on maintaining an earth-friendly community is one of the critical issues in the village. If nothing gets done soon, there is an imminent risk that beaches of Bara are slowly getting contaminated due to lack of sewage, toilet in every household, people throwing plastics and other wastes into the body of water. Majority of the families are depending on fishing as their source of living but due to the eventual destruction of the beach, less and less fishes and seafood are left in the sea. Some of our aims are to serve as an example to people of Bara on how to be self-sustainable, start small-scale organic farming, to raise awareness on how to take care of our planet by showing them the benefit of an eco-lifestyle, and to contribute to kids’ development of knowledge. Bara Villagestay plans to “slowly” start the following with the help of the local officials and local schools. •Creation of a mini-library stocked with used books. This will encourage young and old people alike to read and further their knowledge. •Project “Clean your own beach” for those living in the coastal areas •Project “Compost Pile” for every family who does not have proper garbage disposal •Project “Recycling” and proper disposal of waste •Enforcement of the “clean and green” motto of Bara If you are interested, please send me message.