Synergy Network


Synergy-Alternative Education Project:Design of Realities

The Synergy project has two purposes:

I- creating a website-platform for the ecovillages as Change Catalysts to find Ecocide situations around them, expose Facts, document actions and events, announce solutions, share and consult resources (existent support laws, environmental lawyers,trust media and educational institutions for research and analysis).

II- Provide search engines for travel sharing between ecovillages, skills exchange and home exchange in order to enforce the mutual support on the creation and improvement of ecovillages, promoting alternative economics.

For the purpose I: puzzle together the GEN WORLD map, Environmental Justice Atlas and the Alternative Education world map. Techical Support needed in programming and web design. An agency offered support, funding needed to move forwards.

Purpose II : As we put the website with the maps up the team is ready to add to it the search engines for ecovillages support and introduce people to the Greatness of the Sustainable and Creative Life.

Ways to support: Donation - available soon (any amount or one euro per month)

This is part of my Raw Learning Journey, protected by Creative Commons Licence.

Come Together!