Healing Gardens and Landscape Design

by Dryades Design

Dryades Design provides consultancy and landscape and garden design for sacred spaces, holistic centers, temples, sanctuaries, ecovillages, hospitals and care centers, schools, botanical gardens, public green spaces, private magical gardens.

To traditional studies in landscape design, ecology and safeguarding of natural environment is added an holistic background that ranges from ecotherapies to ecospirituality, all enriched by a deep sensitivity for nature.
Our job is not just a professional discipline, but an expression of an artistic vocation creating places for harmony and human wellbeing.

⌘ Healing Gardens
⌘ Physic Gardens
⌘ Moon gardens
⌘ Holistic green spaces
⌘ Labyrinths and sacred spaces
⌘ Wild Gardens
⌘ Bioenergetic landscape
⌘ Horticultural therapy and Ecotherapy


I'm offering a professional service with a defined price
In some occasions I might offer a free service
I'm searching a project where I can step into and bring in my capacities