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(NOTE: Expand The Box is a required prerequisite for attending Possibility Labs.)

Regenerative human cultures meet in circles, not in hierarchies.

Meeting in circles requires completely new skills from what is taught to us by the capitalist patriarchal empire. The new skills include:

1. Being centered, entering the present, feeling what you feel.

2. Distinguishing your feeling from emotions that come from others, the past, or Gremlin!

3. Distinguishing your four feelings (anger, sadness, fear, joy) from mixed feelings such as disgust, jealousy, resentment, depression, isolation, despair, melancholy, etc.

4. Listening and speaking from your clear feelings (not emotions), from your center, in your own voice, not as Gremlin food, using inner and outer resources that modern culture knows nothing about. Being able to listen and speak as a space.

5. Conscious purpose - creating high drama (such as love happening, healing, expansion of awareness, connectedness, High Level Fun, nonlinear possibility, etc.) and avoiding low drama (such as competition, power struggles, revenge, exclusion, superiority, betrayal, etc.)

6. Using the 4 Bodies Thoughtmap – with its 4 kinds of liquid states.

7. Usingthe 4 Brains Thoughtmap - green (past), red (present), blue (future), and yellow (timeless), because all 4 intelligences are needed.

8. Holding and navigating linear and nonlinear spaces of possibility.

9. Conscious Bullshit and Conscious Groundlessness - the viewpoint that there are only two things in life: Bullshit. And, Nothing. And that the nothingness is where we will definitely go in the meeting, that this is why the center of the circle is kept empty, free of candles, crystals, incense, flowers, seashells, etc., why we keep the alter outside the circle at the side of the room and not in the middle, so that we have direct access to the void, so that the gateway is not cluttered with stuff. The value of being together in the present while not knowing, so new possibilities can come. This is so important... and so contrary to the teachings of modern culture.

Taking care that these 5 distinctions establish the context of the meeting space is key to the success of nonlinear, nonhierarchical, meeting technologies.

Think of it the other way around… imagine being in a meeting where these 5 distinctions are NOT established as the meeting context! The meeting turns into a low-drama Gremlin feeding frenzy, with persecutors, victims, and rescuers serving hidden purposes, people playing intellectual ping-pong with reasons and excuses, excluding certain brain types, and in the end people are exhausted and not much changes.

Regenerative culture thoughtware upgrades can make a lasting difference! Just ask your friends at: Zegg, Schloss Glarisegg, Tamera, Sieben Linden, Niederkaufungen, and Findhorn.

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