Seonae Ville




We first started as a spiritual group(Suseonjae). Founded in 1998, we have been doing the breathing practice. Through meditation for a couple of years, we got connected to various beings such as plants, animals, the great nature and even mother earth. The messages from them were all the same. – Humans are also part of nature and our original role was to become guidance of earth. They sadly said they almost lost hope from humans and they are losing faith and love they used to have for humans. There we decided our minds to go back to our original way of life – having a rich mind but less material.

Our community includes Seon-ae eco ville, Seon culture experience center, publishers, Seon culture promotion education center and an animal farm(Haewon Nogjang) Seon-ae eco ville is a community where members of suseonjae people live, Seon culture experience center is a place where citizens can visit and experience the seon way of life, publishers make books on spirituality, community life, messages with animals, plants and great nature and some souvenirs as well. Seon promotion education center is a learning center. If you want to learn our philosophy or way of life, then you can visit their and take lesson. We give lectures of eight important things in life, breathing practice and many others and an animal farm(Haewon Nogjang) is not just an ordinary animal farm you can see in the country side. According to the message from animals, they said, the purpose of their beings on Earth is to become friends of humans, not food. We built this farm where animals can live harmoniously with humans not worrying about to become food of humans.

You can visit us at: (for some English information)