Roshni Association




Roshni Association is an Eastern-Western Community Project in Lahore, Pakistan. Located on the outskirts of Lahore, the Roshni Village is a center where people with and without special needs come together to live and to work. It started work for special persons in 2001, and is currently looking after nearly 50 people with special needs, due to mental retardation and related handicaps. We are providing residential facility to many of our students in our two community houses. The special persons do meaningful work in our workshops, viz. Bio-Organic Bakery, Wood Workshop, Textile Workshop, Art & Crafts Workshop and Organic Farm.

Besides these activities, in our Green Earth Roshni School, we are providing free, quality education to around 150 poor village children of our neighbourhood. It is the only school in Pakistan providing Waldorf education to local students from kindergarten to grade 8.