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  • Dear friends of ecovillages, dear ambassadors, members, allies...

    Two major crises of our time - climate change and the refugee crisis – are intertwining to reach historical dimensions. People the world over - and all beings of nature – are existentially...

  • Support what is close to your heart: GEN Small Projects Campaign

    You can be part of making sustainable dreams come alive in 2016! All around the world there are communities and people doing amazing work to take care of  people and the planet. There are...

  • The Best Way to Sequester Carbon and Reverse Global Warming

    Many ecovillage communities have been experimenting with different means of carbon farming and have gone well beyond carbon neutral to become net negative carbon communities. These villages...

  • In Memory of a Life Well Lived

    by Kosha Joubert

    Everyone suddenly burst out singing;
    And I was filled with such delight
    As prisoned birds must find in freedom,


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"Coura Rocks"

"Coura Rocks"

Life Extension Village

What is a "Life Extension Village"?

This is a short history of how the idea for “Life Extension Villages” came about and how I would like them to develop. This is my dream, I guess, of how we can live more sustainably in the future with buildings and a local environment that aids health and longevity.

A Health Crisis



Our Home in Nature

Nestled in the remote, upper reaches of the Pelapa River on the pristine West Coast of Espiritu Santo, is the magical location of the spiritual commune EdenHope.

On 800 Hectares of lush green valley and mountain ranges, lives a vibrant community of visionaries, artists and contemplatives, gardeners and plant healers, fruitarians, mystics and indigenous peoples.

Research Working Group GEN-INT

Research Working Group GEN-INT

Are you an academic searching for an ecovillage as a case study for your survey? Are you a student intending to write an academic paper on an ecovillage? Are you a journalist interested in reporting on an ecovillage? Or are you an ecovillage community or member receiving requests from students or researchers asking to study your ecovillage?
Narara Ecovillage

Narara Ecovillage

Beacon for Sustainability

Narara is an ecovillage under construction at Narara, close to Gosford and the main train line to Sydney, NSW, Australia. A project that started in 2008, we are just about to start infrastructure.

We are a well developed community that has been working together to develop the vision of this wonderful 63 hectare site with our own dam and forest. The community is vibrant with representative demographics and are all eager to now move onto the land.

Ecovillage Hub Connect

Ecovillage Hub Connect

A place to meet and get education and inspiration to support and join Ecovillages and Transition Towns

Ecovillage Hub Connect is a meet up group to connect people with Ecovillages and transition towns is a virtual meet up place as well as a physical meet up place in Hobart Tasmania


Project Symbiosis

Project Symbiosis

Ecovillage Capacurí

Project Symbiosis - Ecovillage Capacurí

We speak the English language very little; this message was translated using an online translator, we apologize for errors in spelling, grammar or redaction; or if you prefer that I write in Spanish. Please tell me in which language is best this message for future correspondence.

We are a cultured family; we are environmentalists and want to live in an Ecovillage.

We need financial support to realize this dream to live with my family in a self-sustaining Eco-village.

Initially we need, 8500 euros/dollars for:

Domegaia Community

Domegaia Community

Affordable, High-Quality Aircrete Domes for Housing

Housing is one of the basic necessities required by all humans in order to survive. Domegaia has developed new technology to help provide affordable, elegant and high quality housing to people around the world. Another important piece of human survival and a key component to thriving is community. As a business, Domegaia is a community enterprise set up for the purpose of creating a more wholesome and free lifestyle for its members. This planet is sacred and it's our goal to protect ecosystems by developing smarter and more efficiently.



Denmark Ecological Cohousing Project

12 Owner dwelling equity houses being built on 6,000 square metres, plus one community house in Denmark, West Australia. 100% renewable energy self reliance, grey water recycling, rain water catchment, 10 minutes walk to centre of town.

New Gaia Education Masters Program

New Gaia Education Masters Program

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Synergy Network

Synergy Network

Synergy-Alternative Education Project:Design of Realities

The Synergy project has two purposes:

I- creating a website-platform for the ecovillages as Change Catalysts to find Ecocide situations around them, expose Facts, document actions and events, announce solutions, share and consult resources (existent support laws, environmental lawyers,trust media and educational institutions for research and analysis).

II- Provide search engines for travel sharing between ecovillages, skills exchange and home exchange in order to enforce the mutual support on the creation and improvement of ecovillages, promoting alternative economics.