land for sale in West Spain


Personal 7,5ha fruit property in NE Extremadura

For sale beautiful terraced 7,5ha fruit estate in West Spain, 250km west of Madrid: looking South, no pollution, wild nature and silence; easy access from village by 2km dirt track and on foot 10mn. At foot of the sierra de Gredos , plenty of water all year round : natural well, 2 natural springs with each its own big pond.600m above sealevel. 3 main entrances.
It requires strong people because lot of work the 1st 3 years. POssible to build 120m2 (local clause), in area of ecological protection of the soil.Mediterranean climate (citrus fruit area).
Big 93m2 granite ruin and 24m2 extension,14m2 tiny stone house, and adobe round structure to finish (diameter 4,9m).Inner lanes inside property. Plum mococrop + olives, figs and cherries. Deciduous oak wood on Northern limit. It was abandoned when I bought it end of 2009, I asked for Planning permission for a small ecocentre, got permission for dry toilet and grey water cleansing with waterplants.
But I became electrosensitive in 2011 there and I cannot live in granite any more, therefore I sell.
I sell in 2-3 plots, each with independant entrance, water and house, price negociable :
Plot 1 : 3,5ha : north of communal track : big ruin and extension, oak wood, olives, figs and a few chestnuts. Natural well. Independant entrance. 48 000€
Plot 2 : 2ha :big spring and pond, adobe round house to finish, olives and bare land.34000€.
Plot 3: 2ha : biggest spring that never dries, and pond, cherries, plums and small house. Best spot.32000€.
Contact and photos, pdf documentation : [email protected]