Building social confidence


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Communities face many challenges sometimes insolvent. These challenges are related to finding solutions to social, economic, cultural and ecological problems. Often, the communities say who will support us to solve this problem? How Helping communities to be more confident? How to help them to be opened to inspiration for local solutions?

Every people, like every individual has qualities and errors or boundaries. Discover the personality of the community, its qualities, and its collective consciousness. Presenting an existing model, which opens on inspiration. Work with the community to find solutions without considering the obstacles. Define objectives that motivate each community. Allow the free choice of what each community wants to do. Find at any problem a local solution, simplest, with natural resources. It is possible in all cases. Motivate for collaboration and complementarity of resources. Demonstrate the power of human creativity. Secure the action. Provide evaluation meetings to celebrate successes abolish the limits of fears and find new solutions. Allow the groups to find each other and discuss solutions. For each difficulty explaining where the collective unconscious plays and open the doors of inspiration.


The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. Blake Lively

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