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center for researching and training of regenerative lifestyle skills

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The Lenzwald project has a very specific context, and out of that context comes a very specific set of thoughtware and a specific purpose. The context is radical responsibility. The thoughtware we are using for in daily life comes from Possibility Management in Expand The Box training and Possibility Labs. What thoughtware are you using to create a better world? (This is a very specific question with very specific answers to be answered by you...) Right now we are only Possibility Trainers living at Lenzwald with some kids. We are not trying to grow big. Instead we intend to have Fun and accomplish certain projects along the lines of the Puls der Erde formation documents. www.pulsdererde.org The door to Lenzwald is not open, but it is also not closed. The best way to get to the door (because you can only go through a door when you are at the door...) is through participating in 10 Possibility Labs, loving the context of radical responsibility, having your own Possibility Team, and somehow in the middle of all that, getting in relationship with the current members of Lenzwald. How does all that sound to you? Clinton


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