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Dear GEONOA family:

Our community – the biggest ecovillage that practises absolute communal way of living in China, is currently facing the risk of forced disbandment by local provincial government. This happened on Nov 5, two days after I returned back from Malaysia GENOA AGM. Under the pressure of the strong power of local government, from Nov 9--Nov 19 our brothers and sisters of the 3rd branch were forced to move out to the 1st and 4th branch. And the local government officers claimed to disband our 1st and 4th branch in the next 3-4 months.(please find the details in attachment.)

Although this is a very big crisis for our community, we are very fortunate and grateful to get the support from GEN through Michiyo's connection. Below is the mail from Robert Hall GEN Europe has helped us to initiative the pentition on AVAAZ. Now to get the signatures as many as possible on this issue is the most important. As most of people here in China can't log in AVAAZ freely, could you support us on this?

Your moral support by signing and spreading the following petition on AVAAZ will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you very much and best wishes to you!

with gratitude and love,