The youth movement of Gen

NextGEN is the young peoples program of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network). GEN actively invites the voices of youth and young adults into the ecovillage movement to support the emergence of the new thinking currently within the younger generation.

GEN connects young adults to a host of inspiring organisations that support youth and young adults to take action.

The GEN board and regional councils officially affiliate youth led projects with NextGEN. This enables the projects to directly be part of the Gaia family and to use NextGEN’s name and logo for communication, marketing and grant applications.

NextGEN has been involved in many exiting projects and initiatives.


NextGEN Conference 2014

July 3 - 12

This year NextGEN-Europe conference will be an event full of opportunities to connect, share inspiration and weave a strong network.

Young people from all over Europe will come together!

If you are a young person who is somehow involved in the ecovillage network - or you want to be so in the future - we warmly invite you to bring your experience, dreams and being into our conference!

NextGEN conference - DAY 2

Leadership & Appreciative Inquiries

Sessions of Leadership and Appreciative Inquiries with the NextGEN group was held by Ethan and Laura of the NextGEN Core Team. Laura opened the "Leadership-session" by presenting differences of the Hierarchy-organization structure symbolized by the Pyramid, and a Sociocracy-like organizational structure symbolized by the Circle. Ethan filled in with teachings from the Tao of Leadership. The group split in groups of three to discuss the topic, and to present their conclusions to the NextGEN group in the Tent of Four Elements.

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NextGEN conference - DAY 1

Welcome, getting to know each other, presenting the programme

Work in progress...

We are collecting and organizing the materials from the conference.

Also in the same time we are working for the Conference in itself.

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