Living and Learning Retreat Space

After 14 years of patience and persistence, I am closer to being successful in my life vision project.
Thank you to two of my dearest friends, a couple of beloved soul mates that I am blessed to walk this planet with, I have received a donation of enough money to now go and buy a hectare or two in the Sierra of Oaxaca, where I always imagined the project to take place.
This year, is destined for answering to the land’s call and purchasing the right to be on it, develop it with Permacutlure design principle and live there peacefully, receiving people in the years to come who are seeking to learn about Natural Building, Community living and who are also looking for a place to retreat to and do personal work.
I am building up a web page with a blog to inform people interested in this project’s development, as well as a donation system, for receiving any additional help people want to provide along the way.
I am currently starting to write a more detailed description on the different phases of the project so to give a clearer idea of the short, medium and long term vision of how I see it in the NOW.
I am open to suggestions, help, advice, and team members who are interested in supporting this dream, which a lot of our generation shares in our own way.
Thank you Universe. Thank you special friends. Thank you Patience and Persistence.