Na Terra


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naTerra, based in Macau and East-Timor

Naterra is a non-profit association, started and run by a group of 5 young Portugueses based in Macau and East-Timor. NaTerra embraces projects in the field of education for sustainable development, a multidisciplinary organization that combines holistic education and Permaculture Design, creating and share alternative solutions, engaging directly with the local communities to work towards a sustainable development.

With its foundation in Macau and hearth in the world, “naTerra” comes out as a social mean to actively become part of what we believe to be the emergence of a new paradigm. Together with the rapid pace of economic development,groups of people united by common values create social initialtives in various corners of the world. Through alternative lifestyles, they present creative and eggective solutions to environmental,economic and social issues. Reconnection with nature, skill sharing and self sufficiency have led to many success stories, by achieving a more balanced and healthy way of being in the world.

They bring alternative solutions that support economic viability and help create a healthy ecosystem, by changing patterns of consumption and implementing social change and equality.

“naTerra” grows to be a part of this change, as a little drop of water merges into the vast ocean. May the current problems become the new solutions so that the choices we make today, do not compromise the future of upcoming generations.