Miracle Springs




Miracle Springs is a sanctuary dedicated to your spiritual wellbeing; a place where you can lose track of time, reconnect with your heart, with nature, and with your creative spirit.
Situated on the site of a legendary spring where generations of people have traveled long distance for the pure “spirit” water, this oasis has been preserved as a rare remnant of the ancient forests that once carpeted the Mekong River basin. Surrounding Miracle Springs is a Buddhist temple and the small traditional Thai village of Kum San Suke (Golden Happiness).
Lumyai, a gifted mystic and the beloved daughter of a venerated medicine man was recognized by local elders as the guardian of this sacred site. Lumyai and Hajjar Gibran were married several years ago and in 2008 she invited him to visit her home. Since then they have been developing Miracle Springs into a spiritual retreat center with the healing water flowing through a freeform swimming pool. Though still in its formative stage with limited accommodations Miracles Springs is officially open to people on many levels; visitors, guests, workshop leaders and community members who want to make a home here. We have 5 rai (about 2 acres) around the springs and a 25 rai farm on the shore of a beautiful lake just 3 kilometers from Miracle Springs.
Come drink from our fountain, quench your spiritual thirst and let our ripples of love unite into a powerful wave carrying us toward our higher destiny.