"Meshek 43", Shdema Israel


Community Sharing Space & Eco-Center

We are a group of families and individuals, dedicated to creating a more sustainable way of life - together.
Together we experiment with creating alternatives for the existing paradigms, in all spheres of life: communication, parenting, building, economy, renewable energies, food production, nutrition, health and more...
Together we allow ourselves to make mistakes, to get confused, to get back on our feet and try again...

We are building a Community Eco-Center and Food Forest on a 5 acre land in Shdema Village, Central/South of Israel.
At the Center we hold many community activities and events such as: earth building workshops, swap markets, family-oriented gatherings, and much more.

We are open to new members to join our community, and invite volunteers to give a helping hand and join us in the learning process!

We don't have all the answers, but we sure as hell have ALLOT of fun trying :-)