Kaditah is an unrecognized, loosely organized village located in the Galilee of northern Israel. The residents are currently negotiating with the government concerning planned development of the village. Residents are all committed to living on the land and are involved with various ecological lifestyle practices. but there is little co-ordination. The Kaditah ecology center was founded to offer workshops, information and demonstration projects both to residents and to visitors and volunteers. The center is currently working on issues such as water conservation (greywater and rainwater collection), passive solar (ovens and greenhouse), organic gardening and fruit trees, tofu production, handcrafts and more. The organizers of the center are committed to working to improve Jewish-Arab relations in this troubled region through co-operative work on ecological projects. Other Kaditah residents are involved with issues such as alternative energy production (solar and wind), small livestock, alternative building, and more. The community is diverse and a wide range of political, social and religious beliefs are represented.