Indigenous Sustainable Communities




Support Network for sharing designs and technology

My dream is to support the development of off-grid sustainable communities in Australia that are designed around culturally appropriate principles and practices under Original 'proper Law'.
While traditional indigenous sustainable communities have held the form and ethos of natural laws for millennia around the world, the fairly recent colonization of Australia (225+), has seen the forced dislocation and continuing attempted assimilation of Original communities into settler society, disbanding many families and communities.
I am working with a number of Original communities to develop designs appropriate to their Laws, and wish to open up this project to ideas, support and collaboration with other peoples and global communities who are engaged in similar ventures.
I am particularly looking for individuals and groups who can offer designs and appropriate technology to assist the development of off grid communities, and who wish to be a part of a global network under the umbrella of GEN.
While I know that we are all Indigenous to planet Earth, there are particular peoples who are holding the ancient teachings, Laws and Lore that are vital and precious to our continuation as civilized people.
You know who you are! I am here to connect the very best of the new technologies with the ancient ways.
Even if you are not personally able to assist, please link this project to others who may be interested.
In Spirit & Gratitude!