Tucked into a bend of the Bellinger River and fringed by subtropical rainforest, we are a medium sized Multiple Occupancy on Darkwood Road, near Bellingen NSW. 7.69 km up from the THORA General Store and next to the Chrysalis School for Steiner Education.
Most households are on solar power & water, community buildings on the mains. Most people are attracted to Homeland because it is a peaceful natural environment. It is an open and friendly area. The Peace and Healing Festival has become an established event over the years. Quite a few people have organic gardens and many have fruit trees. Water comes from the river. There is a tofu and tempeh making enterprise with some of the residents, organic food & plants sold at the Bellingen Local Produce Market and the local Azalea nursery provides some work.
The Community House is set up to facilitate occasional Café’s, Workshops & other social events. Community workdays happen weekly on building, orchard maintenance and beautification.
There is plenty of opportunity in the Homeland vicinity for bushwalking, swimming, camping & nature appreciation in the surrounding Bellinger River NP, Dorrigo NP & New England NP areas. We are 40 mins drive from Pacific Ocean beaches & 60 mins from the city of Coffs Harbour.
Individual members are open to WWOOF-style visitors. WWOOFing is dependent on a mutually amicable arrangement being made on a ‘work for keep’ basis with a member.
The Community is also open for guests who provide their own accommodation in vans or tents @ $5/night. We are not set up to feed visitors on a regular basis, although lunch is usually provided on workdays.
Members all pay a contribution of $25/week and long term guests are expected to pay an equivalent contribution. The contributions all go into a general pool which is budgeted out to machinery maintenance and purchase, maintenance and development of Community buildings and facilities, road maintenance and a host of other costs. We have Council approval for 9 guest cabins. The first stage of these, Mango Cabin, is complete. It is self cont., bath/shower/laundry communal (nearby), solar powered and beds but not bedding are supplied.
Work continues on the other cabins according to available energy.
Visitor conditions: We do not allow firearms, cats or dogs on the property. Homeland was originally purchased by way of donations and weekly contributions made by all members, prospective members and guests. Homeland adopted a legal structure in 1988 which involved the "transfer of ownership" from the previous trustees to a company. The land is shared in common and no one member has title to any portion.