Holy Land Trust




The Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization; we aspire to learn from the spiritual teachings and values of all faiths and traditions that bring unity to the human family and closeness to the Creator of all things, practicing and promoting love, truth and goodness, between all people, and acting always with empathy and compassion.

The core values of the Holy Land Trust are:

Empathy and Compassion, recognizing that true humanity accepts the equal rights and existence of others. We are called to listen to and understand the needs of all individuals and communities and to honor, support, and protect everyone equally and treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.
Nonviolence, recognizing that violence and oppression have no place in human life and that lasting peace cannot be achieved through active or passive aggression or violence. We strongly denounce all acts of violence and hold that the active practice of nonviolence is the more powerful force to expose all acts of injustice, end occupation and oppression, and achieve peace, justice, and equality in the Holy Land.
Community and Individuality, recognizing the unique expression of each human life and its fulfilment in what we share and achieve together. Strong communities recognize, value and support individuals; they nurture traditions and provide a supportive environment for development and change. Individuals make up communities and sustain them. We are called to celebrate and uphold distinct and different ways of living that fulfil human potential.
Equality and Justice, recognizing that all human beings and communities are equal and must be granted equal opportunity to prosper regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnic, or national affiliation, we call for all to be granted equal rights to live and prosper in the Holy Land, in an environment that upholds and defends such rights.
Trust and Respect, recognizing that the possibility for real peace can only be achieved when mutual relations of trust and respect are created in the midst of diversity within and across communities. Trust is the cornerstone of human relationships and it gives rise to respect so that the opportunity for love, unity, and commitment for building a future is created. Trust arises from personal integrity and transparency. We are called to engender trust and actively respect the legitimate rights and individual nature of others.
Spirituality, recognizing the sanctity of the human spirit and the Holy Land. We hold that lasting peace is founded on a deep connection and love of the Creator and of others as part of the oneness of humanity. We value spirituality as an essential basis for human living and development.