Activities section

Activities section

Events, Products and Services

In this section all representative activities of Ecovillage and likeminded initiatives are presented.
  • All events and event wrappers
  • selected products
  • selected services
Products (including any goods to be traded) and all services posted by users are listed in 'marketplace' in the 'take part' section. From this pool of announcements moderators can select the one representing the activities of the ecovillage movement. When they are tagged as 'promoted' they will also appear on the default landing page and the related listings.

Splitting 'activities'

'Activities' could get splitted into 3 independent sections:
  • Events:
  • Services:
  • Products:
Also other submenu items could get created, like 'books' which would be extracted from 'products' and could even be brought into 'resources'. Please ask core administrators in that case. 'Services' and 'Products' could also get abandoned because they are just selected content of the 'marketplace' anyhow.

Default landing page

Event resources - Event type 'event resource' - local fiter (created on site or tagged as site region - all languages (with translated terms) - moderated - max. 10 entries - sorted by 'most inspiring'
Introduction texts - default text: node/4275 - replaced in sites settings
Image slideshow - just images of events, products or services - just images being selected by moderators - just moderated content - local fiter (created on site or tagged as site region
Products - full column width image - filtered by content of site project and subprojects - filtered by site region - just promoted - all languages (with translated terms) - 2 entries - random New activities - events, services or products - moderated - local fiter (created on site or tagged as site region - all languages (with translated terms) - max. 10 entries - newest first
Example events - event examples programmed in the next two month - long teaser display - promoted - just current language (in case no entry in actual language is found other languages are presented) - max 4 entries - random (always changing)