GEN Elders




A site where Elders can share their wisdom.

GEN Elders is a site to put forward the elders of communities and Eco-Villages as a resource to enable us to share our wisdom and at the same time to bring back the recognition of Eldership.

From the autumn GEN newsletter.
In most Eco-Villages, the number of people aged 60+ is growing, and will continue to grow during the coming years. It is important for us all to embrace this part of life and give it its due value and appreciation. Elders in our western society are no longer valued the way they are in traditional cultures around the world. When this happens, the fulfilment and depth of the autumn and winter of a lifetime, the sharing of wisdom, experience, skills, and the slower, peaceful way of living of the Elders is lost for all generations. One task of the Elders is caring for the Indigo children and to protect their development from the many misunderstandings that occur. In order to connect with other elders from eco-villages worldwide, and to raise the voice of experience.

Should you stumble across this page please contact us with ideas, articles, photos and needs even.

We intend to:
1: Create a library and advice resource. Hopefully connected to the GEN Solutions library.
2: Have gatherings of elders.
3: Support each other across communities.
4: Couch surfing for elders.