Wolf Pack 2015


Contact and arrival: 
Kate Marsh - [email protected] Orientation forms will be sent out after application approval.

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Piles of smiles,
Kate Marsh

Creative Collectives Australia

An experience in tribalism and survivalism

Tuesday, 6. till Tuesday, 27. of October, 2015

20 days. 20 acres. 30 people.
In a secret natural location in North-East Victoria.
Daily challenges, activities and adventures.
Take a break from society and create your own world together.

Date: 7th – 27th October (finishing with a full moon party)
Location: A secret valley in North-East Victoria, Australia.

• Develop a deeper understanding of nature by delving into its intrigues through observation and participations.
• Learn about the local history, surrounding secrets and ancient to recent traditions.
• Connect with yourself, nature and your new tribe through daily activities and freedoms unavailable in day to day life.
• Take a break from reality to discover something new. This program will give you the time and space to break down the layers and melt into nature and community.

Come together and enjoy life living and learning on a secret clearing amidst a beautiful national park of North-East Victoria (3 hours from Melbourne). This will be an amazing opportunity to experience something genuine, unique and possibly life changing. You will have a chance to slow down for 20 whole days, live in a magical location, breath deeply and enjoy the daily challenges, nature based workshops and your new tribe.