Expand The Box training at Findhorn


upgrading human thoughtware for a sustainable human presence on Earth

Friday, 26. till Monday, 29. of June, 2015

27-30 June 2015 (4 days) at Findhorn in the week before the 2015 GEN Conference.
Description is also online at: http://www.findhorn.org/programmes/576/#.VG4flMn1aZQ

DESCRIPTION: Expand The Box is a paradigm-shift rapid-learning environment with thoughtmaps, practical exercises and personal-development processes empowering participants to create sustainable human cultures on Earth. ETB lets you easily look at what is working in your life, what is not working, and what you can shift to create better results. Modern-culture thinking severely limits the quality of our relationships and our ability to take creative actions. We have been using modern-culture thoughtware since birth so we don't recognize how thoroughly we give our center away to external authorities and distract ourselves from what really matters to us. During ETB even long-buried visions get re-ignited with unquenchable inspiration. There may be many problems in the world, but where we can make the most immediate difference is with ourselves. The training couples long-buried talents with new inner resources to unleash your own clarity and unquenchable inspiration. Few people know what they are truly capable of. ETB installs swinging doors through walls that previously appeared impenetrable.

INTENTION: Expand The Box has been refined over 16 years to provide the most powerful and useful initiatory experiences for source people of the culture that is rapidly replacing the capitalistic patriarchal empire. Individuals, families, and entire ecovillages are benefiting from Expand The Box tools and distinctions, for example Sieben Linden, Schloss-Glarisegg, Schloss-Tempelhof, Tamera, Niederkaufungen and Zegg. Expand The Box strengthens cultural edgeworkers with the clarity and skills for effectively serving others as a bridge to a sustainable human presence on Earth.

VISION: The context behind Expand The Box, namely Possibility Management, does not originate in a psycho-therapeutic Jungian Freudian context, and neither from the concept-based university-level understanding, but rather from direct four-body access to the bright principle of possibility. In contrast, the Possibility Management is faster and more nonlinear, with the result that even the most serious of realizations turn out to be surprisingly fun. Possibility Management is a collection of the thoughtware, tools and processes for the practical application of radical responsibility. Possibility Management has enough clarity and power to serve as a catalyst for a global meshwork of 100 million sustainable-culture nano-nations.

IDEA: Young people in their late teens and early twenties are so hungry for authentic initiation to ignite the inner resources needed to bring their next-culture visions into reality. They make the Expand The Box leaps efficiently and with elegance. People over 30 can also make the leaps, but we have to deal with more scars, wounds, ingrained fears and philosophical resistances. Upgrading thoughtware may be more of a struggle for us older folks, but then there is also more of a reward for us, as we see how unconscious our previous behaviors have been, and how we have been blocking more love happening in the world. So many hearts are healed through the clarity and exuberance of Expand The Box and Possibility Labs.

LOGISTICS:Please register online at the Findhorn website:
Tiered price (click here for more information): £660 / £510 / £420
Includes all programme content, 4 nights accommodation (depart Wednesday morning unless participating in a follow-on workshop), full board and refreshments.

Registration is between 11am and 12.30pm on Saturday 27th, followed by lunch, introductions and orientation. The workshop starts on Sunday morning.