Eco-Castle Volunteer work/trade


Contact and arrival: 
Please contact Jeni Shurley the Eco-Castle Community Association Director at +855 963354717 or [email protected] All volunteers must provide their own tents, food, and other personal requirements for the course of their volunteer services

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Ataegina Adaki

community development volunteer trade for membership

Volunteers to the Eco-Castle community develop common and public infrastructure through work-trade systems where every hour of volunteer time earns the volunteer $3 USD in Private unit sponsorships which:
• builds common and public Eco-Castle facilities by Eco-Castle residents, making facilities and systems in the Eco-Castle connected to permanent residents,
• decreases costs associated with staffing in labor intensive construction efforts,
• educates a large number of people with the knowledge and skills of natural building, and passive and renewable system design and construction which can be expanded to other projects and communities around the world,
• generates and strengthens community social ties through cooperative efforts in infrastructure development,and
• enable Eco-Castle community unit sponsorship to low income populations without financial contribution requirements