Edenhope is an 'official' Nature Preserve ....with more than the usual concept of preserving the environment; it uniquely seeks to include Man within its heart and communal soul. It also recognizes, however, that because of the damage we humans have inflicted upon the Natural World [and the Universe] AND upon ourselves ....we have come to the precipice of a cataclysm ....unconscious of this and thus without even a plan.

The raison d'etre of the Project, then, is to restore and repair the broken relationship between Us and Nature - without which our continued presence on Earth is no longer possible. The Hopi elders have pointed out that '....Now is The Time - we are no longer in a time of preparation - the 'old world is already over' - its fate sealed. Soon all will see its demise, but for them it will already be too late.

We have to acknowledge the profound wisdom of our indigenous brethren. It is ironic that we had almost completely eradicated those few who still honored the Great Spirit [and their own consequential Purpose].

Thus, the Project is well removed from ....the 'civilized' paradigm in every sense of that misnomer. It had to be to test the hypothesis ....that this ultimate ecological challenge cannot be met ....unless and until we recover our Sacred Nature and return once more to the [Divine] Purpose for which we are here.