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Join the dynamic interaction between users and projects. Offer or search items, services, land & houses or even funding in the 'marketplace'. Organize your journeys to Ecovillages in 'travelling'. Discuss and share your stories in our forum. Find friends, partners or collaborators, surfing the profiles of likeminded people arround the globe.

On the marketplace goods and services can be offered and searched. Whatever is of interest can be announced here and will appear in on all affiliated websites. Beside this our moderators will select products or services which are speccially representative for the Ecovillage movement, like products produced in Ecovillages, or very relevant services for Ecovillage creation. These selected entries will also be promoted in the 'activities' section.

The marketplace is also the place where you can recommend land and houses which are interesting for upcoming projects. If you hear about an interesting object, or would like to offer one yourself - Please post it here.
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or simply stay connected to the movement while travelling arround

In the travelsection you can organize your journeys, possibly to visit Eco villages, or to attend one of our events. Offer or search rides or lodging. Also you can post suggestions for traveling as a group or even offer organized journeys. Transportation of goods can also be offered here.
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The forum is the space for dynamic conversation. If you want to search for an Eco village and don't know where to start. If your project needs advice. If you want to share your personal situation and invite others to give feedback, or if you would like to find friends. Post it here. Others will be able to comment.

In 'find people' you can list people by region and their interests. Perfect for finding friends and allies.
The additional list of 'find partner' allows you to look for posible project partners. People can be filtered by the information in their 'background and vision' profile to find the perfect fit. This section is not about where people actually live, but where they would like to settle.

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