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Finding and contributing resources: news, articles, videos, images,...

You are welcome to contribute resources which then get well categorized by our moderators, into the semantic mandala of sustainable living. Find news, articles, videos together with all other related content in our catalog.

As article you are able to post several types of texts:

  • News have a short term significance. Inform about recent occurrences in your project.
  • Thematic article: Write about any subject related to Ecovillage living for transmiting knowledge, inspiration or reflections.
  • Experience: Share your experience when joining a project or an event, which you also can reference in the form.
  • Tutorial: Want to empower other to do certain things? Do it yourself instructions, Step by step documentation,....
  • Personal Texts which are not clearly of public interest. Like personal essays, diaries,... should be tagged as personal. These text will appear in your user profile and can also be posted on other peoples wall. But it won't be listed in our catalog

Post and find videos

You are welcome to embed videos you uploaded or found on other platforms. Right now we just support youtube, but we are working on adding more third party platforms. Simply use the video form and put the URL or the number-code of the video into the first field.
New and best videos are to be found in the video section. In the catalog you find videos together with other resources by term.

All content types allow to add several images which will then appear next to the text. We also have the image form in case the image is the central contribution. That way single images will be big, especially when posted on the wall of your profile or project presentation.
All new and best images of any content type can be found in the image section.
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The semantic mandala of knowledge and inspiration

In our catalog you find all types of content at one place. The mandala of the 4 dimensions of sustainable living provides usefull and attractive structure. Simply navigate through the mandala and click the terms which interst you. Together with a little description you will find all related articles and videos. Also relevant projects, events, services, products, images, discussions and interested users are listed on both sides.

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