New Gaia Education Masters Program

Integrated Systems Design for Sustainability

It is with great excitement that Gaia Education announces its new Masters programme: Integrated Systems Design for Sustainability - Master en Diseño de Sistemas Integrados para la Sosteniblidad!

The two year Spanish programme, offered in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), includes:
Ecosystems and Social Dynamics (Ecosistemas y dinámicas sociales)
Sustainable Economics and Systemic Thinking (Economía sostenible y Pensamiento Sistémico)
Permaculture Design (Diseño permacultural)
Organizations as Ecosystems: Complexity and Bio-mimicry (Organizaciones como ecosistemas. Complejidad y biomímesis)
Urban Ecosystems Design (Diseño de ecosistemas urbanos)
Rural and Indigenous Communities: Inspiration and Adaptation. (Comunidades rurales e indígenas. Inspiración y adaptación)

The main goal of the program is to train and strengthen the design skills of all types of design professionals, including educators, architects, engineers, environmental managers, etc. so that they may develop their careers within the framework of a culture favouring the development of sustainable habitats, communities and organizations.
The formation of this programme is the result of a 7-year partner with UOC which started in 2008 with the commencement of our first online Gaia Education Design for Sustainability programmes in English and Spanish.

In 2011, the Spanish GEDS course became a formal postgraduate course at UOC, completed to date by more than 40 students, mostly Spanish, though with some from participation from Latin American countries. Since then, Gaia Education has been in negotiations with UOC to convert the GEDS Spanish course into a Masters degree… and finally here it is, with doors scheduled to open in October 2015!

In the coming years of Gaia Education’s collaboration with UOC, we are striving to offer the GEDS Masters degree in both Spanish and English. This will be in a dynamic and flexible format with different options for participants: the main objective in both cases being to provide a cutting-edge, high quality education in holistic and integrative design.

For more information, please visit: or [email protected]