Asia and the Pacific make up the most diverse region in our world, and the ecovillages and people of GENOA reflect this amazing diversity. At GENOA, we work together to support people to live in a sustainable way, with dignity, in harmony with each other, and with nature.

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The Syrian Initiative Craftsmanship

The Syrian Initiative Craftsmanship

An Ecovillage project

The Syrian Initiative Craftsmanship Ecovillage (SICE) is a newly formed NGO (April 1st 2015) driven by a group of Syrian refugees and Swedes in Uppsala, Sweden. Our aim is to empower migrants and other Syrians to take control of their own lives, integrate into Swedish society, and do so in an inexpensive and ecologically sustainable way. We also find different ways to job possibilities for our residents in our Ecovillage.

Help Support Sice project at

property for sale  for 2/3 families

property for sale for 2/3 families

eco-restored stone farmhouse and outbuildings with 2 further houses and barn in need of restoration 3 acres

Currently running as a yoga centre this is a beautiful collection of yellow limestone buildings, some dating back to 1688.The 3 bedroomed main house and 2 roomed pigonniere have been carefully restored using traditional materials. Plunge-pool and outbuildings. Two further houses await restoration as does a large barn. Organic veg plots, source/spring, gardens and grounds on two levels, mature trees. A superb view, secluded but not isolated. Close to the spa town of Lectoure. Would suit 2 or 3 families planning to co-habit and /or start a business project.

Expand The Box training

Expand The Box training

regenerative culture thoughtware upgrades

To register for Expand The Box please choose your date and place at this calendar: http://nextculture.org/cal-etb/en

(NOTE: Expand The Box is a required prerequisite for attending Possibility Labs.)

Regenerative human cultures meet in circles, not in hierarchies.

Meeting in circles requires completely new skills from what is taught to us by the capitalist patriarchal empire. The new skills include:

1. Being centered, entering the present, feeling what you feel.

Compressed, Stabilised Earth Blocks

Compressed, Stabilised Earth Blocks

An appropriate technology for building and construction in developing countries
Sandele Eco-Retreat and Learning Centre was constructed with low embodied energy and a small ecological footprint using an imported compressed, stabilised earth block (CSEB) machine. The machine is highly versatile (70 different shapes and sizes of blocks can be made); it is portable (transferable on the back of a pick up); it is manually operated (no electricity or generator needed); it generates employment (8 people employed per machine); it uses 2½ less cement than locally made blocks; it is relatively inexpensive ($8-10,000). Because of demand for this technology a separate company was set up. Many community and socially beneficial buildings have been constructed and a low cost show house is currently (June 2015) being built. The challenge has been met!

Recent News and Projects

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    West Asia

    The Shambhala Eco-Castle is an amazing community in beautiful Nepal. We are a Lliving Arts community, theme park and event center home to the Primal Nascence Fayres twice a year. We are...

  • Earthen Architecture and Green Building Techniques 

    A solution provided by Auroville, India

    Construction is responsible for the huge consumption of energy, electricity, water and materials. On the other hand the building sector has a great...

  • Unusual, sustainable holidays in rural Thailand

    At Gecko Villa among th rice paddies of Thailand's northeasten plateau, we have for over a decade now been offering one of a kind holidays...

  • Noosa Forest Retreat, Kin Kin, QLD, Australia.

    The Noosa Forest Retreat Permaculture course on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast will include the standard “Permaculture Design Certificate” (PDC) curriculum as created by Bill Mollison and...

  • Training for Sustainability

    ‘Eco Village Design Education' conducted at Siddharth Village, Odisha, India is a transforming experience.
    The course is designed with EDE mandala as base, integrating the ‘World view', '...

  • Training for Sustainability

    ‘Eco Village Design Education' conducted at Siddharth Village, Odisha, India is a transforming experience.
    The course is designed with EDE mandala as base, integrating the ‘World view', '...

  • Our Home in Nature

    Nestled in the remote, upper reaches of the Pelapa River on the pristine West Coast of Espiritu Santo, is the magical location of the spiritual commune EdenHope.

    On 800 Hectares of lush...